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Year of 2015
Successful introduction of Tebon securities and other 5 securities companies.
An automation ferrite powder production line built in Maan shan base with annual capacity of 6000 tons.
On September 16th 2015, the company shares listed on the new third market, stock short "New Conda", stock code: 833541.

Year of 2014
Trial operation of ERP information management system.
Successfully developed AmoDust cores and began mass production at the end of the year.
Full implementation of the "6S" management.

Year of 2013
Obtain ISO / TS16949 certificates.
Company completed the joint-stock reform, changed its name to "Nanjing New Conda Magnetic Industrial Co.,Ltd. ".
Built the first metal alloy powder gas atomization device, began producing high-performance gas atomization Mega-flux alloy powder.

Year of 2012
New factory Foundation laying in Maan Shan.

Year of 2011
Set up Nanjing New Conda Magnetic Industrial Co.,Ltd.,covering an area of 85 acres.
Set up soft magnetic division, began to produce sendust and other magnetic powder cores.
Company into venture capital funds, began listing process.
Tangshan new factory construction started.

Year of 2010
Through the SONY company GP ( Green Partner suppliers ) certification.
First commitment to the national magnetic components and ferrite material industry standard system revision task.
The factory 21000m2 located in Qilin was completed and put in use.
Annual output of 6000 tons of soft ferrite granular material production line was built in October.
New nitrogen kiln put into operation.Magnetic core and granular material research in the pilot line was completed and put into use; authorized by the first national invention patent.
Purchase 40 acres of land which located in the industrial park of Tang Shan; company held its 20th anniversary celebration.

Year of 2009
Passed the OHSAS 18001-2004 occupational health and safety management system certification.
Provincial Science and Technology Department approved the establishment of the "Jiangsu Province enterprise academician workstation", the company began looking for a new growth point of the soft ferrite cores.
Company was recognized as national high-tech enterprise.

Year of 2008
The fourth and fifth nitrogen kiln in Qilin new factory put into operation successively. All the equipment moved from Jiannan old factory to Qilin new factory.
Termination of the lease agreement in Xingtai.
LP4(equivalent to FDK 4H45)high saturation flux density ferrite material successfully developed, and began small batch production.
Year of 2007
Third nitrogen kiln put into operation in Qilin plant.
Passed the ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification.
LP5(equivalent to TDK PC50)high frequency with low loss ferrite material successfully developed, and began small batch production. 

Year of 2006
Leasing part of current assets and fixed assets from Xingtai Jincheng Magnetic Materials Ltd, and began OEM production of magnetic cores.
Company was identified as private technology enterprise in Nanjing.
LP9(equivalent to TDK PC95)wide temperature with low loss ferrite material successfully developed, and began small batch production; Annual sales revenue over 100 million yuan.

Year of 2005
Buying 87 acres of land in Qilin Industry Park, Jiangning District, and began building a new plant.
Second nitrogen kiln put into operation.
Establishment of Shenzhen Office.

Year of 2004
LP3A(equivalent to TDK PC44)low loss ferrite material and cores were identified as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province.
Company was identified as high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.

Year of 2003
Sales revenue to achieve 50 million yuan.

Year of 2002
First introduction 16 crib bell furnace of German BRANDS in the domestic counterparts.
Passed ISO9001-2000quality management system certification.

Year of 2001
The establishment of joint ventures Nanjing New Conda Magnetic Industrial Co.,Ltd with Hong Kong Zi Jin Allied Developing Co.,ltd . 
An annual output of 3600 tons MnZn ferrite pellets production line put into operation.

Year of 2000
Built the first nitrogen kiln, which the high permeability HP3 (R10K) core material was successfully fired in the kiln.

Year of 1999
Passed ISO9002-1994 quality management system certification, began the transformation from a workshop to a modern management enterprise.
The establishment of "Nanjing New Conda Magnetic Industrial Co.,Ltd. " .

Year of 1998
Construction of more than 4000 square meters of factory.
Annual sales revenue over 10 million yuan.

Year of 1997
Purchase 15 acres of land and simple plant which located in Nanjing Guanshengyuan Food Factory, Qilin village.
Nearly 10 million yuan of annual sales revenue.

Year 1994~1996
Seize the opportunity of the communication PBX localization and mass production of the high frequency inverter welding machine, rapidly expanding the volume of the large-sized core, to achieve the product quality and market share of the domestic first.

Year of 1993
Rent Nanjing semiconductor device factory(150库), to produce communication power (AC-DC module) with EE85, EE110 and other large-sized core.
LP3 (equivalent to TDK PC40) successfully developed the low loss ferrite material, along with the mass-production capability of LP3 granular material and ferrite cores.
Annual sales revenue over 1 million yuan.

Year of 1992
Nanjing Conda Electronic Equipment Factory was founded.
Production of G9, G18 core, used in the manufacture of military night vision with boost power supply; production of G9 core, used in the manufacture of "CZ-3A" rocket ignition system of DC - DC power supply module.

Year of 1991
Annual sales revenue of one hundred thousand yuan.

Year of 1990
Invested 70,000 yuan to purchase old equipment and lease plant. Using "Nanjing Conda Electronic Equipment Factory" business license, began the production of high permeability ferrite toroidal core. Theres only six staffs at that time.

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